Plagiarism Checker X Crack

Plagiarism Checker X 7.0.10 Crack With Serial Key [Latest Version] 2021


Plagiarism Checker X 7.0.10 Crack With Serial Key [Latest Version] 2021

Plagiarism Check X Crack is grammar and originality checking software that uses multiple search engines to find plagiarized content. It supports various document formats such as PDF, DOCX, and RTF as well as blog and web-based content. This platform can meet the needs of freelancers, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises.

Plagiarism Check X Crack Serial key ensures speed and insight into their results by providing cross-examination reports for documents of up to 20,000 words within a second. These results are color-coded to help you understand which parts of your content may have been plagiarized.

Plagiarism Checker Software Free Download With Crack:

Moreover, Plagiarism checker x crack free download allows you to analyze multiple documents in bulk to save time and effort. It also allows you to do a side-by-side comparison so that you can identify pirated parts instantly and easily. This platform supports content in seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Plagiarism Checker x 2018 Professional Edition Crack

plagiarism checker x key generator offers extensive file support to ensure that you can upload your content. You can upload the most popular text-based formats including Microsoft Word documents, RTF, and PDF. You can also upload HTML content, which is useful if you want to check blogs and web pages for pirated content and quality.

Plagiarism Check X Crack comes with comprehensive detection tools that will help you better understand the quality of your content. It examines your documents with more than 16 billion indexed web pages and in multiple search engines. For SEO content, this platform also allows you to identify the necessary keywords and determine usage frequency and density ratio.

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Moreover, this platform supports bulk scanning for better efficiency. Then the copied content and the content you uploaded are displayed side by side for easy comparison and detection.


  1. When you are looking for a Plagiarism Check X Crack tool, you will surely evaluate its features. Plagiarism Check X has useful features, and let’s take a look at them now.
  2. Online Plagiarism Detection: You can use Plagiarism Checker X to detect plagiarism from multiple search engines. This tool can help you find pirated content by scanning more than 16 billion indexed web pages.
  3. Side by Side Comparison: Content editors and SEO analysts need easy ways to find content that may have been copied. Plagiarism Check X has a feature that allows you to view content in two windows side by side, making it easier to find plagiarized content.
  4. Bulk Cross-Match: You can use Plagiarism Check X to analyze multiple documents within one or more repositories. It is a one-click operation and you can quickly check the originality of multiple documents.
  5. Fast and Accurate Results: An important feature of Plagiarism Check X Crack is processing speed. The tool has algorithms that work quickly, and the website claims it can cross-examine up to 20,000 words per second and provide accurate results.
  6. Privacy: As we noted earlier, Plagiarism Checker X does not store user data or content. The company explicitly states on its website that it will not copy, store, or sell the content you submit.
  7. Unlike various plagiarism checking tools, you don’t upload your content to the corresponding server. You copy and paste your content into the desktop application. This protects the safety of your content, which is an important advantage over several other plagiarisms checking tools, especially the free ones.
  8. Compatibility: Plagiarism Checker X supports popular text-based formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF and HTML. Bloggers, web content writers, and publishers can use this tool, besides it supports all Windows editions.
  9. Keyword Analysis: You can extract keywords from content by using Plagiarism Checker X, moreover, it provides statistics on keyword occurrence and keyword density. This helps the SEO experts.
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Plagiarism Check X Crack

Plagiarism Check X Crack

Plagiarism Check X Crack


  1. Teachers, researchers, and students often have the challenging task of checking multiple documents at the same time. The bulk search function is useful here, which helps with scanning a batch of jobs in one go. There are also comprehensive reports for all scans performed to provide evenness percentage and other useful information.


  1. The free version is limited to an analysis of just 150 words. Grammar checking is not included. and then it is only available for the Windows platform. The software is slow at times and lacks statistical details. The software cannot detect pirated information if no matching words are found for it.

System requirements for Plagiarism Checker X

Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
Processor: 1.5 GHz or better CPU (2.5 GHz recommended)
Memory: 512 Mb RAM (1 Gb recommended)
Disk space: about 50 Mb (100 Mb recommended)
Other: Microsoft Office 2010 or newer, Internet Explorer 10 or newer, Internet connection

How to install Plagiarism Checker X.

  1. After downloading the installation file to your PC, you can select the preferred language and choose a destination folder. The anti-plagiarism software tool installs in seconds, after which you can launch it immediately.
  2. It automatically places a shortcut on the desktop. To be able to use Plagiarism Check X Crack, even the free version, you must register with an email address (email confirmation is not required). It is used to limit your 30 daily searches in the free version.

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