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Bandicam crack is a desktop recording tool and video/game recording software that provides different recording modes, namely game recording mode, device recording mode, video recording mode and screen recording mode. Designed to capture and record game sessions, computer/video tutorials, online academic lessons and walkthroughs; Bandicam crack is recording software recommended for companies and professionals who want to create short videos, especially how-to videos for their YouTube channel or social media department or team.By leveraging Nvidia’s H.264 codec in its recording capabilities, Bandicam crack has the ability to compress a file to a smaller size, but still retain the quality of the original work or video. The game recording function of the recording software allows users to record game videos and game sessions in whatever context or program the DirectX / OpenGL graphics technologies are used, and record them in full-screen HD without recording window borders smoothly and error-free. Designed with a user-friendly interface, Bandicam crack  screen recording, video and sound recording, and device recording functions are intended to help freelance filmmakers and video editors, as well as Youtubers, to capture their footage in simple but high-quality ways.

Bandicam full version free download + crack is mainly built to record games at high speed, the game recording feature it offers is excellent. Equipped with basic and advanced settings and options, the game recording mode allows users to record the game footage of their installed games while running them. Before recording game sessions using the game recording mode, users are given options to configure a number of settings, including General, FPS (frames per second), video, image and output. Within these categories of settings, they could define and set the details of their game recording.The Other tab in the Advanced option of the General Settings allows users to view the video recording settings. An option is provided under the video recording settings where they can select their primary and secondary sound devices. In Bandicam full version free download + crack, mixing two sounds could be enabled from here, recording both the primary and secondary sounds in one audio track. The Other tab also provides the autocomplete settings that allow users to set the maximum file size, desired recording time and define post-recording settings.

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Bandicam Crack Full Version Free Download with Keygen 

Adding the webcam overlay is another option available in the advanced settings. By adding a webcam overlay, users can enable the recording of their webcam images on the recording screen. Adding a logo is also possible in Bandicam full version crack via the Logo tab. Bandicam usually chooses PNG format images to add logos. Below the general settings are the video settings where users can enable the display of hotkeys while recording the game, such as the record/stop hotkey, pause the hotkey, and the option to add mouse click effects and show the mouse cursor.In addition, the FPS settings allow users to set the limit of the number of frames per second, as well as rearrange FPS overlays that appear as the recording progresses. Bandicam full version crack game recording feature is so dynamic that it allows users to produce some kind of high-quality work.

Bandicam Features

  1. Game recording
  2. DirectX / OpenGL graphics technology support
  3. Screen capture
  4. Video recording
  5. Device recording
  6. Add webcam overlay
  7. Add logo
  8. Video recording with a high compression ratio
  9. Select Area record
  10. Real-time drawing
  11. Mix your own voice
  12. Mouse effects
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  1. Recording Options: You can choose to share your entire screen or just a specific area, and it’s easy to resize the window to show only what you want. You can record in AVI or MP4 format and there are presets that let you quickly adjust to a specific width or adjust for a YouTube-friendly recording. It also includes all the sounds playing while you are recording, so you can play your own soundtrack or capture the full sound effects if you’re recording a game you’re playing. There is also an option to take straight screenshots, with four output options including BMP, PNG and JPG.
  2. Easy to Use: While there are advanced options and settings, Bandicam full version crack is preset to record in AVI format at 30 frames per second if you don’t want to mess with this. It also detects your primary sound device and webcam (if you have one). When we went this route, the recording was of good quality, but it was also good when we made some minor tweaks ourselves and changed to MP4 instead of AVI.


  1. Some features are not available:
  2. we were happy to see a button to edit the recordings we had made, but it turns out that only leads to an option to purchase the editing tool from the publisher, Bandicut.
  3. Some tools offer these as part of the package.
  4. In addition, the option to just play the recordings has opened our default media player
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Minimum requirements:

Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+
512 MB or more of RAM
1 GB or more hard drive
800×600 16-bit color

How to install

1. Download and run
First, go to https://www.Bandicam and download the free version of Bandicam crack .
After downloading the file, run the file “bdcamsetup.exe”.

2. Installer language
Select a language from the list.

3. Configuration window
The “Bandicam crack Setup window” will appear. Click on ‘next’ to continue.

4. License Agreement
If you accept the terms and conditions, click ‘I agree’ to continue.

5. Choose Components
Choose the components you want to install. Click on ‘next’ to continue.

6. Choose the installation location
Enter the location where you want to install Bandicam crack  and click ‘Install’ to continue.
If you see the error “Error opening file for writing” or “Bandicam crack is in use”, end the “bdcam.exe” process from Task Manager and try again.

7. Installation completed
When you see the ‘Completing the Bandicam crack Installer’ window, click ‘Finish’ to complete your installation.

8. Start Bandicam crack
Click the ‘Bandicam crack ‘ icon on your desktop or click on the ‘bdcam.exe’ file in the installation folder.

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