Ardamax Keylogger 5.2 Crack + License Key Download (2021)

When someone mentions the word ‘ Ardamax keylogger crack ‘, many people think of the stealth software used by hackers to retrieve someone’s password with the intent of stealing or manipulating their system. While this is the common understanding of keylogging software, there is another side to it.Ardamax keylogger crack product shot A Ardamax keylogger crack is a useful tool that can help you keep track of your employees’ activities while running a business. If you want to invest in the software, one of the best options is the Free download ardamax keylogger. This computer monitoring software has been tested and tried in the market and is widely accepted as one of the best in the mid-range.

If you want to monitor bandwidth usage in your company, a keystroke logger provides you with valuable information about the use of resources in the office. You can tell which sites people open and how long they spend on the sites. The system will therefore help you increase productivity within your company.If you suspect that your kids are accessing unauthorized sites, you may be able to pinpoint exactly what they’re up to when you’re not there. The software has been used successfully by law enforcement agencies to catch criminals while conducting their illegal activities. Free download ardamax keylogger is not responding last time we checked it. Check out our best keylogger reviews to find the ones that are currently working.

Free download ardamax keylogger is one of the most famous keyloggers on the internet. At around $ 40, the software is fairly cheap, but is it worth it? Let’s find out. Although the website looks a bit old and simple, all the information is there, and buying and downloading the software is easy. Ardamax does not offer a free trial for their keylogger, which will be a big downside for potential buyers.

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Free download ardamax keylogger crack registration key

Once the software is installed, you can take a quick tour. After that, you can see all normal keylogger functions are in place – keylogging, screenshot recording, websites visited, programs used, etc. Free download ardamax keylogger crack registration key can send the reports to you via email or FTP, which is an attractive feature that works well. These things aside, there are no real extras that make Free download ardamax keylogger crack registration key stand out from the crowd, especially for a keylogger that’s been around for so long.

Free download ardamax keylogger crack registration key stealth levels are just as good as its best competitors. We couldn’t find the program in Task Manager or in the Add / Remove Programs window, but more advanced users will be able to find the installation folder. A search of user reviews on the Internet reported a few known bugs with Ardamax, although we didn’t find any in our testing. All in all, Free download ardamax keylogger crack registration key is a solid, well-rounded keylogger with all the normal features, but there’s nothing that sets it apart from the crowd. For the low price, this could be a reasonable keylogger choice for you, but without a free trial, it will be difficult to convince people.


  1. Comes with keystroke logging that records all passwords and characters used
  2. Has a webcam recording function that occasionally captures and logs photos
  3. Keeps track of all websites visited in the browser
  4. You can set the time you need to receive email alerts (in your email settings) for the information recorded in the logs.
  5. You can choose to receive the uploaded logs via FTP delivery.
  6. Allows you to record sound from the microphone in compressed format
  7. You can receive recorded logs over the LAN.
  8. It makes it possible for you to capture all data copied to the clipboard.
  9. Operates in stealth mode and is not visible to anyone in the task manager or process viewer
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  1. Screenshots based on mouse clicks
  2. Fast installation and removal process
  3. Ability to run in stealth mode
  4. Remote implementation of the installation file


  1. Ardamax does not include advanced reports
  2. No free trial version available
  3. Advanced users will easily find the installation folder of the program.

System requirements for Ardamax Keylogger 

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM is required
Hard disk space: 5 MB
Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher.
No special requirements are other than stated above.

How to install:

1. After installing Ardamax keylogger, select and right-click the Free download ardamax keylogger crack icon on your taskbar. Now select Enter the registration key and then enter the name and serial number you will get from the downloaded software folder

2. Now right click on the Free download ardamax keylogger crack icon and select remote installation, click next twice, check all the boxes as shown, and finally click next

3. Now click on enable and enter a password so that no one can access the keylogger and click next three times, check “send logs every” and set your time, for example, 5 minutes, then select the delivery method as Ftp, and click finally on next

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4. Now enter your FTP account information you created earlier in my case in Ftp host, remote directory – / logs, user – test, and finally click next

5. Now check all the boxes and click Next, set your time to take the screenshots, then click Next. If you prefer, you can also change the icon by selecting the change icon as shown. Finally, select Next and click Finish

6. If you have completed all steps correctly, you should get a server file (keylogger file). But this server file can be easily detected by antivirus. To bypass antiviruses we need to bind and encrypt the file, So to do this open your crypt software (which you downloaded earlier) Now select file 1 as the server file (keylogger file you created) then select file 2 as an application, select a good application (select a PDF file for best performance) finally click on Encrypt file, now you will get an encrypted server file (keylogger file) which FUD (ie) is completely undetectable by antiviruses

7. Now send the completely undetectable server file (keylogger file) to your victim via email or upload it to any site and ask the victim to download the file. Once the victim clicks on the application, Free download ardamax keylogger crack will install automatically

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